Friday, 18 January 2013

Weekend Ukay Hopping

I was under 'Tipid Factor' the whole week and saved 200 pesos. 
So I decided to splurge it with something worth it and I Ukay Hopped with
my NEW Ukay Buddy TRECIA! :D

I scored 5 garments for only whooping 150 bucks! YAY ME!
(the last one is not with the other 5)

6 garments in one day. 
Lucky me.

Ohmygosh, this is only 20 pesos and it's DKNY!
It's denim and it's lacey. WOW.

I find this cute because it has studs in its pockets and it's shredded below. 
Bought this for 30 pesos.

This is so cool because it's super smooth and soft at the same time. 
30 pesos also. 

When I saw this I was like "nice"
But when I looked at the brand I was like "COTTON ON?!"
So I bought it, 35 pesos.

I only bought this because it's cheap and it's branded. 
ZARA top for 35 pesos! YAY!

The last one (this is not from my savings, this is from Mum, Thanks Mum!)

Galaxy print dress for 130 pesos. YAY!
Also from Where Else?

I hope you enjoyed it. 
xoxo, leave a comment. ♥

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