Thursday, 26 April 2012

Let's get crazy!

Last time, I and my sister played dress up. :)
And we had a great time. 
My camera was sira, so we had to use her phone. hahaha. 

Top from Thailand. :) She has green, I have blue. She used mine. 
Skirt from U.S. haha. this is mine. =)
Rainbow bangle from Germany. 
Flower brooch (used as pin) was from my dress I bought from Ukay. :)

Bolero from Ukay. 
Dress from Bench. 
Bangles from Germany. 

Nerdy glasses I bought from a garage sale. haha.
Necklace from Germany. :)
shirt from... IDK. 
Jumper from Germany. 


Sando from Ukay.
White belt from US.
Tube (worn as skirt) from... NO IDEA!
Blue cardigan from Kuya Zandro. :)
Ring from Abubot at Regalo. 

Leopard earrings fro Germany. 
Dress a gift. 
Leaf necklace, Atchie's. haha.

Scarf (worn as headband) from U.S.
White sando from Mama. 
Vest from Ukay. 
Leopard belt from Germany. 
Purple leggings, Atchie's. 

So, I guess that's all. :) 
I hope you liked it. ;)

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday; Church Day :D

My friend, Trecia, gave me this very cute top last Saturday. 
I wore it the next day. hahaha.
Necklace from Germany.
High waisted skirt from Ukay.
Bangles from Germany.
Bag from an online shop. 
Flat shoes from NCCC Department store. 
Hope you liked it. ;)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Tried my Daddy's button down. :))
Actually, I made 3 designs. 
This, Ate Jen's and Joy's. 
But the 2 hates the camera. :(


Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Since I was soooooo lazy to pick 
a nice dress for church, i just 
slipped into a white polo 
and a pair of jeans. 

Plus my brown bag and a set of bracelets. :))