Friday, 1 March 2013

Round Sunnies.

For the past few months, I've been DYING to have a round sunnies. 
I have a friend who owns one and he was planning to give it to me if I attend his Life Festival.
But my mother won't allow me to go. 
I've been in different shops in the Puerto Princesa and found none. 

Anyway, My father and I visited Grenhills Shopping Center.
And guess what I've found for 90 bucks?

Printed Leggings

I was planning to wear something comfortable for our 40-hour trip to Romblon.
And I decided to wear my printed leggings from Where Else? 

White top-- traded
Cardigan (Penshoppe)-- present from David

Shredded top-- Where Else?
Satchel-- Where Else?

White shirt-- Novo Jeans and Shirt

Self Timer Queen! :>
Sorry for my hair. I was packing my stuffs during that time. 
Anymway, I wore the first ourfit for the trip.

xoxo, Isha
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Romblon Trip 2


With the Oriental Mindoro guy. Vince Mikko! :)
With moi.

With Dane.

With Bea.

Pre-meet parade. We were next to Team Palawan.

Post-meet picture with the whole Team Puerto Princesa. 

Hello to the swimming pool with lane lines! 

Cindy playing around with my legs. 


I will never forget MIMAROPA 2013 cos I love Romblon. 
Marble Country they call it. 

xoxo, Isha

Romblon Trip 1

And we're off to Romblon for the Regionals! :)

Trecia (with the usual Trecia face) and Dane

Bea and I

Va-va-va-vanity at the airport mirror. 

Hello Romblon! Unpacking some of my stuffs.
Hello, gigantic suitcase! 

Welcome to my disastrous side. 

Le me with my usual look before and after training.
Cardigan, swimsuit, board shorts, training bag and EARPHONES! 

Le swimmers in one trike. (Abon at my right. Che at my left)

This is where we eat. Mess Hall! :)

A view from the door of the Cathedral.

Stores. Stores. 

The one and only grocery store they've got. 
Plaza Hotel. 

This is where we swim. Yes, we didn't have lane lines at trainings.

JB and the Ceteceans! Hahaha. 

This is where the track and freld athletes train. (or is is Softball?)
That is the Cathedral at the back of the tree. 

That's all. Wait for the second part.
xoxo, Isha. :)

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Print on Print ♥

Someone told me that Print on Print is a NO-NO.
I will prove her wrong. HEEHEE!

Animal Print Cardigan- Where Else
Leopard print dress- from Nanay Suzette
Animal Print heels- from Nanay Suzette

Floral Print top- Where Else
Floral Print shorts- Where Else
Floral Print bag- Where Else
Belt- Genevieve Gozum

Print on Print post. :) 
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xoxo, Isha

Babydoll Dress

What I wore to church last Sunday. :)

Self Timer. 


Sorry for the lame shots cos I'm the photographer of myself. 

Necklace- present from Rusmay
Bag- from a garage Sale
Dress- from Sister (From Baguio)
Shoes- Where Else?

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xoxo Isha.
#SelfTimer #BabyDoll #LaidBackAndShort

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Sunny Day. ♥

Weather today is so unpredictable.
So, I decided to wear something that can protect me against the heat & coldness. 

Top from Converse.
Shorts from bazaar.
Bag from Germany.
Slippers from Caribbean.
Shades from a mall. 

Every Sunday, I try to wear something simple and laid-back for church.

This photo was taken by my baby brother whose birthday is tomorrow. ♥

Cherokee dress from my Sister.
Cardigan from my best guy bud (
Bracelets from Kuya Zands (
Bag from a Garage Sale.
Flats from Natasha.

xoxo, Isha.

Neon Day

This is what I wore because I was a busy bee the whole week and I didn't
come to school because I had to fix my credentials, the photos that I needed to pass,
the letter that I needed to write and everything. 
I wasn't able to have a picture of myself (HAHA) because I was too busy. :(

But at least I took it night before (No bod. :( )

Neon top- present from dear friend, Monicca
Divided shorts- from Where Else?
Cotton On belt- from Cotton On
DKNY blazer- from Where Else?

Floral printed satchel I bought from Ukay for only 150 pesos!

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xoxo, Isha♥

Weekend Treat

Last Monday, the results of our final exams was out.
And recently, all my times get lower.
And I believe I deserve a treat. 

And, Ohmygosh, my favorite Ukay store in the city 


Cotton On floral top.
This top shows my belly button. :') HIHIHI. 

Divided by H&M animal print cardigan!

Topshop hoodie. 

Cotton On top.

Paint splotch print leggings.

YAY for my new finds! ♥

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xoxo, Isha.