Saturday, 22 September 2012

Inter-school today! 
I haven't brushed my hair yet. 
Forget the background, ok?

I super loove this top! I bought it from Ukay and the brand is Zara.
I bought it for 50 bucks! Good as new, believe me.
My shorts from Germany.
I won't tell you where are my slippers from. hahaha!

Friday, 21 September 2012

I know, I know. 
I look like a human ampalaya.
I just love this pair of pants that I traded 
with my denim ones yesterday. 

Shades-- Abubot at Regalo
V neck striped shirt-- Germany
Green Jeans-- Traded
White flats--- Punkberry
Bangle and bracelets-- Germany
Bag-- Benetton

Black and White

Today, I went to Ukay with Mama. 
She paid  all the clothes I bought.
And She's celebrating her birthday today!

Black sleeveless top from-- I don't know
White shorts-- Germany
Hat necklace-- Secret! :)

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Araw ng Wika

Mama rented me a Balintawak for this activity for school
but when I tried to fit it, I realized, it's not worth for 500 pesos.
So, I decided to wear this. 

Bea and I.
Her skin tone blended perfectly with the color of her dress.

(from right to left)
Ma'am Car, NN, Rusmay, Hazelle, Nini, please.

Chiquitas. <3
(from left to right)
Rozella, Richelle, Aya, Marga, KC.

That's all, how was your Araw ng Wika?

Rob Shop!

Because Bea and I didn't have money, we decided to fit the clothes we loved.
Hahaha, and we enjoyed it a lot!

All from Robinsons Department Store. <3