Saturday, 19 January 2013


Had a shoot at the porch. 
Photographer was my sister (
Assistant was Siobe. :)
YAY for me, the photographer and the assistant.

Zara Cardigan from my Ukay Buddy, Ate Jayce! :D (Thanks so muchhhh!)
Forever 21 dress from Where Else
Divided by H&M clutch from Grandmother from London. 
Boho necklace borrowed from sister. :)

Sheer top, present from my other ukay buddy, Rusmay! (thanks, Rus!)
Pencil Skirt from Where Else
The clutch again. Divided by H&M.
Boho necklace again.

White button down from Aunt from Illinois. 
Pink pants from Bubblegum.
Flats from Natasha.
Neon bangles (a set) from NCCC
Boho necklace again. 

Yeap, I'm too obsessed with neon.
Neon top present from Sister.
Super Sparkly Skirt from Forever 21.
Neon bangles from NCCC.

xoxo, leave a comment. ♥

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