Friday, 12 October 2012

We  planned our first shooting for our movie project today, but the cameraman (Bojo)
wasn't able to come to the venue, so we (Marga, Norj, and Dominic) decided
to eat lunch at Hainanese Delights (hmm, is that the name?) 
Well, Marga footed the bill, thanks to her. :)

After lunch, I went home, and I and my cousins had photo shoot  
for no reason. hahaha, take a look at the photos! :) 

Ate Yhe, Jojo, Joy, and the prettiest. 

Joy, Ate Yhe, the prettiest :), Jojo, Yana, and EJ.
(I like the maxi dress this way than the other.)

Jojo, EJ, and Yana.
Jojo decided to wear the maxi dress shorter. I don't like it that way, honestly.

Ate Yhe, Joy, and the prettiest. :)

Ate Yhe.
The Girly one. 
Lacey-Floral dress, from Ukay
Banig heels, from States
Gold clutch, possibility at Francis Square

The Nerdy one.
Nerdy glasses, somewhere inside her room
Black and White button down, from our Grand Tatay.
Brown bag, Traded
White watch, Baby G
Gladiators, from ME! 

Bohemian (supposed to be but she doesn't want to wear the dress long)
Hippie, somewhere inside her room.
Dress, Ukay
Heels, from Mama Lea.
White watch, Baby G.

The sporty one.
Dress from States.
Sneakers, from her closet, Since 2004

The classic one.
Shades from Abubot At Regalo.
Dress from a 10 peso shop! 
Flat shoes, possibility at St. Francis Square

The prettiest aka the stylist and the photographer! :)
The Edgy one.
Red sheer top, a present from Rusmay. 
White Belt, from my sister.
Leather Skirt, Forever21.
My 6-inch heel, Traded.
Pink watch, Skechers.
Red bag, from an online shop.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Inter-school today! 
I haven't brushed my hair yet. 
Forget the background, ok?

I super loove this top! I bought it from Ukay and the brand is Zara.
I bought it for 50 bucks! Good as new, believe me.
My shorts from Germany.
I won't tell you where are my slippers from. hahaha!

Friday, 21 September 2012

I know, I know. 
I look like a human ampalaya.
I just love this pair of pants that I traded 
with my denim ones yesterday. 

Shades-- Abubot at Regalo
V neck striped shirt-- Germany
Green Jeans-- Traded
White flats--- Punkberry
Bangle and bracelets-- Germany
Bag-- Benetton

Black and White

Today, I went to Ukay with Mama. 
She paid  all the clothes I bought.
And She's celebrating her birthday today!

Black sleeveless top from-- I don't know
White shorts-- Germany
Hat necklace-- Secret! :)

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Araw ng Wika

Mama rented me a Balintawak for this activity for school
but when I tried to fit it, I realized, it's not worth for 500 pesos.
So, I decided to wear this. 

Bea and I.
Her skin tone blended perfectly with the color of her dress.

(from right to left)
Ma'am Car, NN, Rusmay, Hazelle, Nini, please.

Chiquitas. <3
(from left to right)
Rozella, Richelle, Aya, Marga, KC.

That's all, how was your Araw ng Wika?

Rob Shop!

Because Bea and I didn't have money, we decided to fit the clothes we loved.
Hahaha, and we enjoyed it a lot!

All from Robinsons Department Store. <3

Friday, 15 June 2012


This was Tita George and Papa's wedding.
Papa is my mother's older brother, just so you know. 

The bride. 
Georgine Cheng

The groom (Jimmy Cheng) my sister and I.

Me. hahaha.


My cousins and I decided to swim. hahaha
In OUR OWN pool.
With super pretty ate Yhe. 

This is the pool. :) hahaha. capacity: 8 people. :D
With Joy and Ate Yhe

Hat Kuya Zand's. 
shades from Abubot at Regalo.
Bikini top from Nanay Suzette.
Bikini bottom from Bea.
Sheer top from Tatay.


Ulta make up set. <3

MAC brush set.

Accesory holder.
The two arms broke down. But I will fix it soon. :"(

White wedges, Pink wedges, and White heels. 

Super happy with the presents. :)))

Feel the heat!

I went to my Aunt's house to visit my cousins. 
And this is what i wore. :D

Brown printed top from Nanay Suzette
Floral (supposed-to-be) high waisted skirt

Vans shades from Mckie. Or Kim, I forgot.
Checkered bag from Germany.
Converse shoes from Ukay. 

What do you think about it? 
Comments are highly appreciated. 

Monday, 11 June 2012

Fashion Fever

This photo was taken at Mama Cel's house (my tita)
The whole family was there to open presents from Nanay (also my tita)
I was really lazy to dress up for this event because I had a fever.

And this is what I wore:

White blazer from London
Brown sleeveless top from Ukay
Khaki shorts from Ukay
Shantelle flats from Natasha
Doll necklace borrowed
Benetton bag from London

I will be blogging my presents later!

Monday, 21 May 2012


My Nanay gave me new pair of Bikini. :)
I love the color and the print. 
Thanks, Nanay. 


Last night I and my cousins went to a party. 
                                                  Our niece's birthday party. :))

I wore a studded body con dress. 
White flower earrings. 

From left to right:
Ate Yhe (my cousin), Atchie (my sister), Nanay Suzet (my aunt), And me! :)

Friday, 18 May 2012


My sisters, Siobe and Atchie, arrived last Monday from
Dagupan-Baguio-Cavite trip. 
And they gave me these! 
Thanks, Super Sisters!

Clutch neckalace, camera necklace, headset necklace, Eiffel tower necklace
key necklace, hat necklace, bag necklace

They gave me these necklaces. Too bad my Tatay told me I have to sell them. :'(

I♥PH sleeveless top. Super cute!

Batman sleeveless top. <3


My Candy charm bracelet! 1 more chain. :)

These bangles are my sisters'. Super pretty, right?

These shirts are my Atchie's. 

Super Duper Uber Thanks, Atchie and Siobskie! ;)

Friday, 11 May 2012


This was the first time I organized a photoshoot. 
And believe me or not, I can't sleep for nights because of excitement.
So here it is. 

Guys-- David Valledor 
       Kim Villamor 
            Cyrus Gonzalez
Girls-- Isha Dalabajan (me)
      Joy Dalabajan
         Trecia Gonzalez

Photographer: Mark Carlo Nocon
Stylist: Isha Dalabajan (me)
Closet manager: Isha Dalabajan (me)
Assistants: EJ Dalabajan
                        Anna Gonzalez
                       Nikki Gonzalez
Location: Kalikasan Homes, Wescom Road

This is us, looking for a nice location to have our photo shoot. 
See, our assistants are bringing our bags. 
Mark Carlo Nocon, our photographer.

This dog ran out of his house and chased us. haha.

Our assistants followed Cyrus and Kim who found the perfect location.

This is the tree where we settled down. 

This was the location. Thanks to Kim and Cyrus. 
Very beautiful, right?

Our tired assistants who carried 4 big bags and 2 mats 
from our house to the location which was more than more than 
200 meters plus tall grasses and barking dogs. 
I'm so proud of them.:)

Our assistants holding up our "dressing room" 
Pretty clever, eh?


David and Kim with their Black and White attires.

Kim Villamor: Top borrowed from Zenki
white shorts

David Valledor: Black shirt 
                                Checkered shorts

Me, Trecia, and Joy
        On Me: black and white dress from States
                          black sleeveless top (borrowed from David)
                         Gray pumps from NCCC Department Store
On Terecia: black dress from States
               White belt from States               
On Joy: White top from Ukay
                      Black shorts from Germany
                      Shantelle flats from Natasha

Cyrus: White shirt from Germany
Checkered shorts
Mirrorized shades

Cyrus, Trecia, Kim, Joy, David, and Me

This is the tree where our assistants climbs up. 
And whenever we need them, 
they will jump down and run to us. 

Kim and Trecia. 

Cyrus and I. 

There is a funny story behind us. Supposed to be the partners will be David and I, Kim and Joy, and Cyrus and Trecia. Since Cyrus and Trecia are siblings, (not to mention mortal enemies) they both refused to be partnered with each other. When I told Joy to stick with Cyrus, she also refused. Joy said Cyrus is annoying. Well, I guess they're wrong. The only problem is, I'm the tallest girl and Cyrus is the shortest guy. So we did our best to make him look taller than me. And I guess we did a good job. :)

Joy and David

Cyrus, David, and Kim in their Summer attires.

Kim: shades
  striped green and white polo
checkered shorts

Cyrus: striped polo
checkered shorts

Davis: black sleeveless top
checkered shorts

I, Joy, and Trecia in our summer attires. 

Me: hat from Kuya Zandro
shades from Bea
bikini top from States
see through top from Ukay
Shorts from Ukay
flip flops from NCCC Department store

Joy: hat from Kuya Zandro
Beach cover up
brown sleevelsss top from Ukay
yellow skirt from Germany

David and Joy

Kim and Trecia

Cyrus and I. (another good job for making him look taller than me)

Kim in his "business attire"

We had to recharge the camera's battery and we have to have lunch break.

Polka dots. :))
On me: yellow cropped top
pink sleeveless top

On Joy: Pink romper
Denim vest

Sports attire
On me: red workout top
On Trecia: Nike shirt

We were supposed to go back to the location to continue our photoshoot 
but we were afraid the rain will pour down leaving us soaking wet in the middle of the forest. 
So, we decided not to take the risk.

Instead we played Patintero and Maro. 

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<3 xoxo