Friday, 15 June 2012


This was Tita George and Papa's wedding.
Papa is my mother's older brother, just so you know. 

The bride. 
Georgine Cheng

The groom (Jimmy Cheng) my sister and I.

Me. hahaha.


My cousins and I decided to swim. hahaha
In OUR OWN pool.
With super pretty ate Yhe. 

This is the pool. :) hahaha. capacity: 8 people. :D
With Joy and Ate Yhe

Hat Kuya Zand's. 
shades from Abubot at Regalo.
Bikini top from Nanay Suzette.
Bikini bottom from Bea.
Sheer top from Tatay.


Ulta make up set. <3

MAC brush set.

Accesory holder.
The two arms broke down. But I will fix it soon. :"(

White wedges, Pink wedges, and White heels. 

Super happy with the presents. :)))

Feel the heat!

I went to my Aunt's house to visit my cousins. 
And this is what i wore. :D

Brown printed top from Nanay Suzette
Floral (supposed-to-be) high waisted skirt

Vans shades from Mckie. Or Kim, I forgot.
Checkered bag from Germany.
Converse shoes from Ukay. 

What do you think about it? 
Comments are highly appreciated. 

Monday, 11 June 2012

Fashion Fever

This photo was taken at Mama Cel's house (my tita)
The whole family was there to open presents from Nanay (also my tita)
I was really lazy to dress up for this event because I had a fever.

And this is what I wore:

White blazer from London
Brown sleeveless top from Ukay
Khaki shorts from Ukay
Shantelle flats from Natasha
Doll necklace borrowed
Benetton bag from London

I will be blogging my presents later!