Saturday, 26 January 2013

Sunny Day. ♥

Weather today is so unpredictable.
So, I decided to wear something that can protect me against the heat & coldness. 

Top from Converse.
Shorts from bazaar.
Bag from Germany.
Slippers from Caribbean.
Shades from a mall. 

Every Sunday, I try to wear something simple and laid-back for church.

This photo was taken by my baby brother whose birthday is tomorrow. ♥

Cherokee dress from my Sister.
Cardigan from my best guy bud (
Bracelets from Kuya Zands (
Bag from a Garage Sale.
Flats from Natasha.

xoxo, Isha.

Neon Day

This is what I wore because I was a busy bee the whole week and I didn't
come to school because I had to fix my credentials, the photos that I needed to pass,
the letter that I needed to write and everything. 
I wasn't able to have a picture of myself (HAHA) because I was too busy. :(

But at least I took it night before (No bod. :( )

Neon top- present from dear friend, Monicca
Divided shorts- from Where Else?
Cotton On belt- from Cotton On
DKNY blazer- from Where Else?

Floral printed satchel I bought from Ukay for only 150 pesos!

comment below.
xoxo, Isha♥

Weekend Treat

Last Monday, the results of our final exams was out.
And recently, all my times get lower.
And I believe I deserve a treat. 

And, Ohmygosh, my favorite Ukay store in the city 


Cotton On floral top.
This top shows my belly button. :') HIHIHI. 

Divided by H&M animal print cardigan!

Topshop hoodie. 

Cotton On top.

Paint splotch print leggings.

YAY for my new finds! ♥

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xoxo, Isha. 

Saturday, 19 January 2013

What's in my Bag?

It's already 2:30 A.M. and I'm not yet sleepy. 
And I feel like bloggin' but I dont know what to blog. 

What's in my bag?
(present) Floral Purse- all my bills (if a have bills) and coins.
(present) Green Purse- where I put the pictures of my loves and I look at it when I'm bored.
(present) Phone- so I can communicate with my family (Davao, Baguio, Iloilo)
(Natasha) Pressed Powder- for my oily face and my teeth which magnets food
(present) Lip Balm- for my chappy lips that bleeds when it's dry
(store) Comb- for my frizzy hair
Victoria's Secret (Pearl Glaze)- for the thief who will try to steal my treasures HAHAHA!


I am a big fan of fashion.
I think that's a valid reason for me to like these friggin' stuffs. 
(Pictures from Google)

Lace Corset.

Neon Outfit. OHMY.

Animal Print dress.

Shredded top. (Boho feel)

Collar necklaces.

Shredded Neon shorts! 



Bohemian jeggings.

Nude Colored pumps.


Round Sunnies! <3

If I'm only rich. 
xoxo, leave a comment.


Had a shoot at the porch. 
Photographer was my sister (
Assistant was Siobe. :)
YAY for me, the photographer and the assistant.

Zara Cardigan from my Ukay Buddy, Ate Jayce! :D (Thanks so muchhhh!)
Forever 21 dress from Where Else
Divided by H&M clutch from Grandmother from London. 
Boho necklace borrowed from sister. :)

Sheer top, present from my other ukay buddy, Rusmay! (thanks, Rus!)
Pencil Skirt from Where Else
The clutch again. Divided by H&M.
Boho necklace again.

White button down from Aunt from Illinois. 
Pink pants from Bubblegum.
Flats from Natasha.
Neon bangles (a set) from NCCC
Boho necklace again. 

Yeap, I'm too obsessed with neon.
Neon top present from Sister.
Super Sparkly Skirt from Forever 21.
Neon bangles from NCCC.

xoxo, leave a comment. ♥

Friday, 18 January 2013

Say, "Hello, Room!"

I love my room even though it doesn't have paint in its walls. 
It's small but it's comfy!

View from the door.

View from the door.


That JAG guy is my first sight every morning.

My Desk. 


Desk again. 

Where I put my babies.

My oh-so-old cabinet that has been living with me since I was born.

My husband. I sleep with it every single night. ♥
This bed is older than my mother. :) 

My EW wall. Hello, Baby Nick!

Weekend Ukay Hopping

I was under 'Tipid Factor' the whole week and saved 200 pesos. 
So I decided to splurge it with something worth it and I Ukay Hopped with
my NEW Ukay Buddy TRECIA! :D

I scored 5 garments for only whooping 150 bucks! YAY ME!
(the last one is not with the other 5)

6 garments in one day. 
Lucky me.

Ohmygosh, this is only 20 pesos and it's DKNY!
It's denim and it's lacey. WOW.

I find this cute because it has studs in its pockets and it's shredded below. 
Bought this for 30 pesos.

This is so cool because it's super smooth and soft at the same time. 
30 pesos also. 

When I saw this I was like "nice"
But when I looked at the brand I was like "COTTON ON?!"
So I bought it, 35 pesos.

I only bought this because it's cheap and it's branded. 
ZARA top for 35 pesos! YAY!

The last one (this is not from my savings, this is from Mum, Thanks Mum!)

Galaxy print dress for 130 pesos. YAY!
Also from Where Else?

I hope you enjoyed it. 
xoxo, leave a comment. ♥