Friday, 4 May 2012

Back to 2004

So, last week my sisters and I played Barbie. 
And then I realized, I missed being 7. (drama?)
Anyway, this is how we played the dolls.

We sorted the clothes and we picked our clothes. 

Ate's room. hahaha. 

The Kitchen. 

The Living room. 

I and Ate. 


I, Trecia and Ate. 

Ate hitting the gym. 

Ate and my boyfriend, Ken, with their 
workout attires. 

Trecia, Ate, me and Ken.Heading to the gym.

3sisters. :D


Ate got sick of the game. 
And she wants to watch PBB so she
decided to commit suicide. Pretty clever, eh?

That's all. I missed being 7 year old 
kidwho plays a lot. 

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