Thursday, 26 April 2012

Let's get crazy!

Last time, I and my sister played dress up. :)
And we had a great time. 
My camera was sira, so we had to use her phone. hahaha. 

Top from Thailand. :) She has green, I have blue. She used mine. 
Skirt from U.S. haha. this is mine. =)
Rainbow bangle from Germany. 
Flower brooch (used as pin) was from my dress I bought from Ukay. :)

Bolero from Ukay. 
Dress from Bench. 
Bangles from Germany. 

Nerdy glasses I bought from a garage sale. haha.
Necklace from Germany. :)
shirt from... IDK. 
Jumper from Germany. 


Sando from Ukay.
White belt from US.
Tube (worn as skirt) from... NO IDEA!
Blue cardigan from Kuya Zandro. :)
Ring from Abubot at Regalo. 

Leopard earrings fro Germany. 
Dress a gift. 
Leaf necklace, Atchie's. haha.

Scarf (worn as headband) from U.S.
White sando from Mama. 
Vest from Ukay. 
Leopard belt from Germany. 
Purple leggings, Atchie's. 

So, I guess that's all. :) 
I hope you liked it. ;)

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