Friday, 12 October 2012

We  planned our first shooting for our movie project today, but the cameraman (Bojo)
wasn't able to come to the venue, so we (Marga, Norj, and Dominic) decided
to eat lunch at Hainanese Delights (hmm, is that the name?) 
Well, Marga footed the bill, thanks to her. :)

After lunch, I went home, and I and my cousins had photo shoot  
for no reason. hahaha, take a look at the photos! :) 

Ate Yhe, Jojo, Joy, and the prettiest. 

Joy, Ate Yhe, the prettiest :), Jojo, Yana, and EJ.
(I like the maxi dress this way than the other.)

Jojo, EJ, and Yana.
Jojo decided to wear the maxi dress shorter. I don't like it that way, honestly.

Ate Yhe, Joy, and the prettiest. :)

Ate Yhe.
The Girly one. 
Lacey-Floral dress, from Ukay
Banig heels, from States
Gold clutch, possibility at Francis Square

The Nerdy one.
Nerdy glasses, somewhere inside her room
Black and White button down, from our Grand Tatay.
Brown bag, Traded
White watch, Baby G
Gladiators, from ME! 

Bohemian (supposed to be but she doesn't want to wear the dress long)
Hippie, somewhere inside her room.
Dress, Ukay
Heels, from Mama Lea.
White watch, Baby G.

The sporty one.
Dress from States.
Sneakers, from her closet, Since 2004

The classic one.
Shades from Abubot At Regalo.
Dress from a 10 peso shop! 
Flat shoes, possibility at St. Francis Square

The prettiest aka the stylist and the photographer! :)
The Edgy one.
Red sheer top, a present from Rusmay. 
White Belt, from my sister.
Leather Skirt, Forever21.
My 6-inch heel, Traded.
Pink watch, Skechers.
Red bag, from an online shop.

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