Friday, 1 March 2013

Romblon Trip 1

And we're off to Romblon for the Regionals! :)

Trecia (with the usual Trecia face) and Dane

Bea and I

Va-va-va-vanity at the airport mirror. 

Hello Romblon! Unpacking some of my stuffs.
Hello, gigantic suitcase! 

Welcome to my disastrous side. 

Le me with my usual look before and after training.
Cardigan, swimsuit, board shorts, training bag and EARPHONES! 

Le swimmers in one trike. (Abon at my right. Che at my left)

This is where we eat. Mess Hall! :)

A view from the door of the Cathedral.

Stores. Stores. 

The one and only grocery store they've got. 
Plaza Hotel. 

This is where we swim. Yes, we didn't have lane lines at trainings.

JB and the Ceteceans! Hahaha. 

This is where the track and freld athletes train. (or is is Softball?)
That is the Cathedral at the back of the tree. 

That's all. Wait for the second part.
xoxo, Isha. :)

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